Looking out across the water

So today I have joined the world of bloggers. After 3 weeks of looking for ways to entertain myself I have decided upon this. Seems about time as even my mother has her own blog. I appear to be behind the times. ; ) If you are hoping to learn about me you can check out my ‘About’ section, well, you probably already know that. ; )

I have been out of work for the past three weeks because pregnancy hates me. I was hoping to have an uneventful pregnancy this time, but it has been anything but. My doctor put me on disability on Friday because I have pinched my Sciatic nerve. Don’t know exactly what that is but it does hurt. Although it didn’t stop me from my extreme bout of nesting earlier which resulting in a five hour kitchen cleaning spree.

I’m at 20 weeks now and am having a girl! We were trying for a boy, but we’re happy with another girl. We are trying to agree upon names for our little angel but so far the advice of friends has told us that our ideas sound like “stripper names.” Originally she was all set to be Ava Lillin, but it rhymed too well with my first born’s name, so we were thinking Avalynn Lexi or Avalynn Lacie; both of which I think are absolutely gorgeous but according to everyone else we would be terrible parents naming our children such and will have doomed the poor girl to a life of flashing lights and loud stage music.


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