Kayla is TWO!!

So today my little baby girl had her two year old check up. We had her birthday party a couple weeks ago but it wasn’t until today that I realized she was actually TWO.  She graduated to a new growth chart  and was even seen by the doctor in the big kids room. She got her Hepatitis A vaccination today and she even acted like a big girl. They gave her a sucker and then stuck her in the leg and all she did was take another bite at her sucker and look at the nurse like “what the heck was that for?” and then went back to completely devouring her sucker. What got me the most was when the doctor said at the end “Alright we’ll see you when she is three! Oh wait I guess we’ll see her sister in August…take care!” Since when do we only see the pediatrician once a year?? She has been going to him every few months since she was born! And since when am I having another child?? Lol, wait never-mind, although sometimes it’s still shocking to me to hear it out of someone else’s mouth. I just can’t believe how big she is, how fast this has all gone by. It kind of makes me want to find some sort of slow motion button for life, except I want to hit it AFTER I give birth. ; )