Well I am at 20 weeks and 3 days (isn’t it funny that when you are pregnant you even count the days) and I feel like the first part of the pregnancy flew on by but this part is just dragging on and on. As I remember it gets worse, the more excited you get to see your little bundle of joy the slower the second hand goes on the clock. The closer to your due date the farther you get away. But at least I made it this far. I remember being like 12 weeks pregnant and you just can’t wait until you get to 20 weeks so you can say you are halfway done. Yesterday my husband finally felt the baby kick. I have been feeling her kick for weeks now but every time I told him to come feel, he would run over put his hand on my belly, and she would stop kicking. I told him that she probably heard his voice and stopped moving around so that she could pay more attention.  This time though, she was kicking like crazy. I almost started crying when I saw that look on his face like ‘I felt it! I did!’ Her kicks are getting strong and sometimes she will be still for a very long time and then kick really hard out of nowhere and I will jump out of my seat. My husband will just look at me funny and I’ll tell him, “She startled me!” I can’t believe how strong she is getting. It has only been two years since the last time I felt a baby moving around in there but this one has got to be a kick-boxer. There little legs only get stronger day by day and I’ve got 20 more weeks to go!

I got that cartoon from Baby-gaga, a fun site that has pregnancy and birthday tickers that keep track of the baby’s development. It’s also great if you have Google set as your homepage, like I do, because you can set it so Google keeps track of your pregnancy week by week and you get a fun pregnancy ticker plus cartoons, and info on what going on inside your belly and with mom.