Some people have more of a tendency to procrastinate than others. I am one of the people in this category. I have always wanted to change this fact about myself, but have done nothing about it. (So in essence I have actually procrastinated changing my habit towards procrastination.)

Today I realized that I put off tasks because my fear that they will be difficult or take to long to accomplish. The biggest realization that I came to, however, was that if I had just gotten these things done in the first place I could save myself days, weeks, months, years of stress and emotional ‘dejection.’

Take this for example; in October (of 2006) I received a speeding ticket. My first ever and I was pretty upset about it. I also received a ticket at the same time for not having proof of insurance for my car. I had just started a new job and didn’t have the money for car insurance at the time, a mistake I won’t make again. Anyways, I went to court in December for the offense, where the judge agreed I could go to traffic school (online even for hell’s sake), so that I could keep it off my driving record. I was to pay a $200 fine for speeding (more if I refused traffic school) and $361 fine for not having insurance. All I had to do was show up on April 18th 2007 with my certificate of completion for traffic school and my fines and all would be well. 

I paid the $30 fine for traffic school online and got to work (this was still in December). I completed all the sections and clicked the button “Take final test.” I was then prompted to go to any UPS store location and take the test there. When I finished the clerk would fax them my test and my certificate would arrive in 10 business days. “Well,” I thought, “maybe I’ll go take the test this weekend or something.” Fast forward to April 14th. I just remembered I was supposed to show up on April 18th and give the court clerk my money and certificate.

“Shit.” “What?” My husband replies. “What am I going to do?” “I don’t know, maybe you could just pay the fine and tell them the certificate hasn’t gotten here yet, and that you will mail it when it comes.” “Good idea.” So what do I do? Well I don’t go take the test or anything so I won’t by lying in court, I just show up, with only part of my fine mind you, and play dumb about how my certificate hasn’t gotten here yet (I also wore my favorite maternity shirt–hoping for sympathy–the one that makes me look 8 months pregnant instead of 5). “Your going to have to come back to tomorrow and plead your case to the judge” He states, obviously impervious to my delicate condition (LOL).

So now, after running home and then over to the UPS store to take the test (which literally took 10 minutes and was about as challenging as buying a carton of milk) I have to get up at 7am instead of 9 and drive 30 miles to the court house, sit in the courtroom for about two hours until the judge calls me up to hear my case, and then some how try to explain to the judge why it took me 7 months to drive over to the UPS store and take the damn test. If I hadn’t put this simple task off for SEVEN months I wouldn’t be in this situation. It really makes me wonder; if I were one of those people, the go-getters, the people who can do everything all at once and never seem to have the urge to sit around and relax, would my life be easier? My whole life? Would every aspect of my day run by more easily?

Probably. Maybe I’ll try and work on that, making myself a better person–the go-getter type. Sometime soon, I think I will work on that, sometime soon…

Oh and I am so wearing my super preggo T-shirt to court again tomorrow. The clerk sure didn’t give a crap, but the judge has got to be a softie for a preggo!