Happy birthday! 

So yesterday was my birthday, so I was too busy to write.  It ended up being a really nice day, thanks to my hubby and brother/sister-in-law. The start of the day just wasn’t going my way (ever have a birthday like that?) but by evening I was very happy and extremely excited. I was sad that some of the people I invited couldn’t come, and some other problems that really brought down the day. But my hubby really pulled it together.

He got me the best present in the whole world…. He took me to see our unborn child. (I told you the best present ever!) We got one of those 3D/4D ultrasounds done of our little Avalynn. I didn’t have the chance to get one of these done with my first child so this was extra exciting to me. I think the best part was it was a total surprise. He was somehow able to schedule it for 7:30 PM on a Saturday. I didn’t even know offices like that were open that late on a weekday let alone a Saturday! It was really great. They let up to 10 of your friends/family join you while you look at your cute little baby’s face and it really is a GREAT experience.

Of course little Avalynn was being stubborn, turned face down so we could only see her side profile, but I loved her little profile anyways, and her cute little hands. During the ultrasound my first born was there watching to and sometime during the process started yelling, “Baby! MINE!” It was the cutest thing. I didn’t even think that she could understand that we are having another baby (I try to explain it to her everyday) but she is only two so I thought getting her to kiss my belly was the highest understanding she had about the whole situation, but maybe I was wrong!

The clinic that did it (http://www.bfiultrasound.com/) is letting us come back in two weeks to have it done again for free because we didn’t get a frontal view of the face. So we get to do it all over again! We got a 15 minute DVD of the baby, a VHS copy as well, and ten pictures. And maybe next time we will get to see more of her face. It was a great night.

My brother and sister-in-law offered to take us out to TGI Friday’s for dinner which was really great, we had just bought dinner and I felt bad for turning them down but it was really nice to know they cared and wanted to put an effort into making my day special. It meant a lot.

I put in some pictures of my little Avalynn from the DVD. I had to take pictures of the t.v. screen while the DVD was playing because I don’t have my scanner hooked up yet (I can’t find the software since the move) so I couldn’t just scan in the pictures they gave us. Sorry for the quality but you get the picture…  ; ) Here she is! Little miss Avalynn!!

Baby Avalynn (side profile)

Baby Avalynn (side profile)