One hundred

It’s 1am. My husband is still at work. I am cleaning our bedroom and some old clothes out of my closet that have been in a bag for over a year. I start sorting through which clothes I want to keep and which I need to throw (I am nesting, lol) and I find a hideous red and green plaid nightgown that I got for Christmas one year from my grandma…I take one look at it and think ‘eww, throw this crap AWAY!’ Just as I am throwing it into the bag, a one hundred dollar bill falls onto the ground. WTF? How lucky is that? This is the second time me or my hubby has randomly found $100 or more (once my hubby found $500) of our own money somewhere in our stuff! I’m starting to realize that we really suck at keeping track of our money. But hey, we could really use the money, so it’s crazy to find it today!