A conversation between my mother and I; 

Me (11:37:46 AM): It’s not cute anymore. It’s not fun. I want this baby out now.
Mom (11:38:02 AM): Nope, not gonna happen. Wouldn’t be prudent
Me (11:39:34 AM): One. I got four hours of sleep last night thanks to pregnancy induced restless leg syndrome. Two. There is NO way this baby could kick ANY harder. Three. It is truly starting to bug me that my belly is constantly touching my legs. Four. My sciatic nerve is pinched. Again.
Mom (11:40:14 AM): Well look at it this way….another week or so the baby will be so big she won’t be able to kick so hard
Mom (11:40:30 AM): Of course, she will just push really hard then, but at least it won’t be kicking
Me (11:40:34 AM): For all of our sakes, I sure hope so
Mom (11:40:50 AM): And you won’t be able to breathe
Mom (11:40:54 AM): But hey, less kicking
Me (11:41:06 AM): Well if she pushes any harder she will literally push herself through my belly
Mom (11:41:16 AM): You wish
Mom (11:41:21 AM): It doesn’t work that way
Mom (11:41:28 AM): Many babies have tried and they all failed
Me (11:42:23 AM): This baby will succeed. I can feel it. Feels like right now she is breaking through the first few layers, all she needs now is a spoon or nail file to dig the rest of the way out
Mom (11:42:41 AM): LOL
Mom (11:42:48 AM): Luckily for you she has no tools
Me (11:43:12 AM): If this persists I may purposefully swallow a shovel