I don’t know why I started a blog. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but my life is so incredibly dull I can’t even think of entertaining things to write about. I leave my house about twice a week and it’s been this way since I was put on disability. Occasionally I have a doctors appointment or something that is vaguely exciting to me, but I know it won’t be to a perfect stranger. Anyways, I don’t have a ton to say about anything and I have never been well spoken. I read all these other blogs from people that are entertaining, and I can’t help but think, why can’t I be witty? I do, however, have family out there that reads my blogs to hear stories that they have probably already heard form me, but they are typed now! So that makes a difference! Lol.

Anyways, today I had my ultrasound. I am 34 weeks tomorrow and my little Avalynn is weighing in at 5 pounds! I am pretty sure I will deliver around 38 weeks like I did with my first child (because sometimes mothers just know), and I bet baby will weigh about as much as her older sis did when she was born (which was pretty much 7 pounds even).  I talked with the doctor today who told me that my blood test results for certain clotting disorders weren’t back yet (I had them done in April). I figure by the time they get them back the pregnancy will probably be over. They are going to start doing non-stress test from here on out. I thought they would wait until a little later in the pregnancy to start them but when I told the doctor I would be 34 weeks tomorrow he replied, “We better start them now then,” which actually kind of frightened me a little.

It’s about one week until my baby shower (Yes, I know about it!) and everything that used to seem so far away has suddenly crept up on me and is right around the corner. I’ve got about one month left until we have a new family member, and I am trying to get in as much quality time with my toddler as I can, which may not be so beneficial once the new one arrives. She will be much more angry because she had my full and undivided attention (unless there is a cheesecake in the house) for the little while before her sister arrived and will probably be more so upset that I am even alive at that point let alone feeding this intruder instead of watching Dora with her.

My feelings about this [unwanted] c-section have consumed my dreams even making sleep more impossible than it was already. I keep having nightmares that as I am climbing the THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS to my apartment after my c-section and my staples split open and all my organs come spilling out. Let me tell you, this is a very fun nightmare. I wonder if I went to our apartment manager tomorrow and demanded that an elevator be installed so that I do not have to climb these THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS after having major abdominal surgery if they could have it installed in less than a month… Well, it was a nice thought.