Thirteen Things internet peeps usually don’t know about ME!

1. I’m a 23 year old mother to two beautiful girls!

2. I have a special needs toddler (that I love more than the world!) that you can read more about on my about page.

3. I like to watch my kids sleep at night. (Creepy, huh?)

4. I HATE spiders. I will scream and jump off a balcony at the same time if I see one. Sometimes even just seeing a picture of them freaks me out!

5. I have loved my hubby of 3 years for over 10 years now…  (<3 <3’s, baby!)

6. I just gave birth like two months ago. Ouch! But I only pushed twice and she was out!

7. I have an unhealthy obsession with Reality Tv. ; )

8. I love the smell of baby breath! (I think it smells like butter!)

9. I hate hearing people chew….aarrrgggg…or forks scraping on teeth! Oh no!

10. One of my favorite past-times is going to realtor.comand picking out my dream house once a week. With no maximum price limit!

11. I love sleeping. If no one woke me, I could probably sleep for 15 hours straight.

12. I am a pack-rat. I hold on to anything and everything because I think it has sentimental value. Like balloons from my daughter’s birthdays, or the burned candles off her cake… 

13. My guilty pleasure, that my husband can bribe me with to get anything he wants? Those soft sugar cookies with the pink frosting you get at the grocery store. And the sprinkles…..oooooohhhh, the sprinkles……



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