For one, I have had a severe problem of clenching/grinding my teeth lately. I guess I’m just stressed out, but I think I did something to my teeth…tiny fracture maybe? I don’t know. But my teeth hurt. So I woke up today already feeling kinda crappy.

As the day progressed, so did my problems (as always, lol…). Now, I think I either have a plugged milk duct, or mastitis as well. One of my (Milk bags? Bouncers? Shakers? Bazongas? Cha-chas? Love muffins?) is swollen, tender, and I am in a lot of pain. (Yay for talking about my boobs on the internet!) I don’t think it is Mastitis, or if it is, it’s in the early stages, because I had that when I was nursing Kayla and it was like the worst pain in the world. I wouldn’t be sitting here typing if I had it like I did back then, I would be screaming at a nurse to give me something. But it hurts nonetheless, and none of the at home internet remedies are working. I kind of just want to go lay down. Ugg.

Maybe my husband is right that I don’t get outside as much as I should and I only eat once a day, so my immune system is shot. I think that may help, once I get some antibiotics or something, to keep me from getting sick next time, but I don’t think if I ate a carrot right now and walked outside I’d feel peachy keen.

Btw. Since when does my husband, lord of the dark, recommend sunshine and vegetables? Who is this impostor? What have you done with my real husband?! My husband should have drawn the blinds shut, turned on a Anne Rice book on tape, told me to lie down and drink a Pepsi.