Kayla Fashion: Installment 1

Today Kayla has gone into her room to put together an outfit for this Sunday’s 1st weekly edition of Kayla Fashion. We waited eagerly for her return to see what fashion genius she would bestow upon us.

And what an outfit it is!

Kayla Fashion

Lets go over the brilliantly put together outfit shall we?

Hair: Something out of an 80’s Poison music video. Bold, brilliant, and daring!

Wardrobe: This outfit is by the brilliant designer “Hanes.” It appears to be one of her father’s under-tanks. With a touch of flair, Kayla has decided to put one of her arms through the neck-hole and wear it in a ‘cavemanesque’ type of style we fail to see very often. This brave model has my two thumbs pointing WAY up!

Accessories: Bright pink sunglasses! What a way to pull this outfit together! Not only are they gorgeous designer shades, she is wearing them upside down in a daring statement that SCREAMS anti-conformity.

All together I give Kayla a 10 for creativity and craftmanship!

And here is Kayla posing for our ‘fall’ line in her closet. Excellent choice in props!

Kayla Fashion