Well, yesterday…hold on, the baby just crapped herself, got to go change her…

Okay, back! Wow, I didn’t get far into that thought before I was interrupted!

Anyways, yesterday we went to my parents house (Farkle Farms) and had a grand old time. We promised that we would arrive early and we sure did; around 2 in the afternoon, which is early for us. It takes us a while to get ready and drive down there. But apparently, these old folks (who rise with the rooster), weren’t appreciative of our efforts. ; P

We hung out and talked while the kids ran around on the trampoline, popping and hopping till they could bounce no more.

kayla on the trampoline

Afterwards, I walked around the property a bit, taking some photos as I went along. I’ll show you my favorite one, but I’m saving the rest for later (So Neener-Neener-Nee-NER!).


After dinner that night we played card games as planned. We learned how to play canasta and lost miserably at it to the old folks.

On a side note, I am so going to get smacked for referring to them as the ‘old folks.’

Canasta was alright for an ‘old folks’ game. Since we weren’t doing very well at one of their games, we challenged them to one of ours, and the bullshit commenced once again. Bullshit with my family is very entertaining. My hubby throws “bullshits” around like they are sand in the desert. Unfortunately, this means he ends up with most of the deck. Let me break this down into a simple equation for you;

My hubby + “Bullshit” = us losing MISERABLY


Although we weren’t playing teams, I still was rooting for my hubby in an attempt to win back our dignity and stomp the ‘old folks.’ After a while I knew I just had to give up. We were having our asses handed to us by a woman that couldn’t even remember what card we were playing at any given time and a man that thought it was a good idea to call BS on anyone that laid down a full set of any given card, even if he didn’t have any of that set in his hand.

But be warned, next week… next week will will take ’em DOWN!