Yes, I know, I know…the final episode of The Bachelor aired yesterday but I Tivo’d it and watched it tonight so to me it’s like it just happened. I’m a little behind the times. I don’t know what else to say but, WHAT?

He didn’t choose anyone. He sent them both home! AGGHH! I was so pissed! Of course I was voting for Jenni. If I saw Deanna blink her eyes one more time I thought I might have to throw my TV off the balcony.

Anyways, after I saw this confusing episode, I went on the message boards on and started reading. I came across a post that said it was from Brad himself and began reading;

“My lawyer suggested a put up a public post to avoid possible harassment in the future.   I was not able to use my name – it was unavailable because someone had taken the screen name already.

First and foremost, I would like to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for watching this show.   I am grateful for the experience and will never regret it.   I got to know 25 gorgeous ladies and had the time of my life.

I have not had a chance to read any of the posts yet, but I promise you all I will read each and every single one of them and take them to heart.

I just want to thank all my loyal fans for hanging in there with me and for all the presents, cards, support and stuffed animals I have received.

First I must ask some of those to please  stop burning me in effigy.   It’s been disturbing the past 24 hours walking around Austin and seeing life-size cardboard cut outs of me being set on fire.   I obviously have issues, but those that would be so hurtful need to rethink their actions.

I truly cared about each woman.   But ABC edited out most of my concerns, so you only have a small picture of what really happened.   You can ask anyone who attended TFRC.

Jenni was wonderful girl but she was a kleptomaniac.   After I left her apartment the final night, I found $20 missing from my wallet.

Deanna was drop dead gorgeous and so seemingly well put together, but ABC informed me at the last minute that she was mentally ill and believed she was blinking Morse code messages to aliens from the Planet Zephelon.

And Bettina was a dream come true  until the overnight fantasy date when I discovered she had a p*nis.

So please keep in mind that there is more going on than you see on TV.   If you are a normal woman and would like the chance to date me, please visit my myspace page or meet up with me at one of my bars.   Looking forward to meeting you all!

Many Thanks and Blessings,


LMAO. I almost fell over I laughed so hard. Obviously this is not a message from the real Brad, but it was extremely entertaining nonetheless. The part about Deanna communicating with aliens by blinking Morse code, awesome.