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So here is a video of Christmas day with the kids to catch you up. My favorite part is Kayla’s dancing that includes much butt shaking and wiggling…enjoy!

…And yes, that is my father that refers to ‘Baby Einstein DVD’s’ as something that would be better to watch while smoking a couple “reefs?”


I came across a video on YouTube just now that had me crying in hysterics within just a few minutes.  I honestly cry for the children that have been affected by child abuse. I am happy in knowing my children will live a happy abuse free life and I know I will make sure of that, but I wish I could help the other children out there. Maybe re-posting this for you all will help make a difference and more people will visit the web site. (Click Here)

Please take a minute to watch the video and visit the site. Don’t sit idly by if you suspect child abuse of a child you know on any level. Don’t hope someone else will call. Don’t sit by because you don’t want to cause trouble, or because it would require too much effort on your part. Don’t let this happen to another child.

You can visit her memorial page here.

Thirteen Things I love about my hubby!!

1. A the age of thirteen he promised me he would marry me and he kept that promise even years later.

2. He lets me know every detail about himself. There are no secrets and I feel like I almost know him better then I know myself.

3. He prefers to have a night at home with me than have a night with the boys.

4. He never gave up on me.

5. During some of the teenage years we were apart for, he made hours upon hours of video tape for me, telling me we’d be together again someday (and it’s really fun to watch now that we are married with kids).

6. He always knows how to make me laugh and is a very funny guy. We just goof around together all day and never stop smiling.

7. When he comes home from work he always asks me how my day was first and I know he really cares about what I have to say.

8. He works really hard to take care of our family so I can take care of the kids.

9. Even though he works and I am a homemaker, he sometimes gets up with the kids so that I can sleep in and he always helps around the house.

10. I have not a single doubt in my mind that he loves me more than anything, just the way I am.

11. He is my soul mate and he’d be the first to tell you that.

12. He is a great father. I couldn’t ask for anything better and they are quite fond of him as well. ; D

13. My friends are always telling me how jealous they are that he is such a good husband and father. I like that other people can see the things I see in him.

…and I love that I could have probably listed thousands more things I love about him without even trying but I have to stop at thirteen!

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Your Christmas Song Is

I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true…

All I want for Christmas is

YouYou only want one thing for Christmas

Love from one special person – and you’ve got it!

What Christmas Carol Are You?

Your Christmas Stocking Will Be Filled With Little Wrapped Presents

You’ve made Santa a very happy fellow this year.

Don’t worry – what happens at the North Pole stays at the North Pole!

What Will Be In Your Christmas Stocking?

You Are a Traditional Christmas Tree

For a good Christmas, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

You already have traditions, foods, and special things you bring out every year.

What Christmas Tree Are You?

   So my mother got my kids one of those Christmas countdown calendars this year, (you know the ones that you open one each day and get a piece of chocolate until Christmas day) I have been letting her open one door every day this month and she loves it.

   Earlier today I left my husband alone to watch the kids while I ran to the store with my sister for groceries. I had the calendar up high where my daughter could not reach it so that she wouldn’t get a hold of it and eat every day that was left. I noticed a little while ago that the calendar wasn’t where I left it. I was worried and went to look and see if any days were missing. I was relieved to find that only tomorrow’s chocolate had been consumed prematurely, but after I thought about it I began to realize that this didn’t seem to be the work of a toddler.


A toddler wouldn’t have known which one was the 15th to eat it and probably would not have eaten just one.

This leads me to one conclusion; an adult is behind this.

Now, why on earth would my husband decide to eat one of her countdown chocolates? I’m pretty sure that is as close as you get to child abuse (LOL)! What is she going to do tomorrow when there is no countdown chocolate because Daddy ate it?!

After a minute or to I started to realize that this sounded an awful lot like the movie Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton who actually (slightly, very slightly) reminds me of an older version of my husband.

…I’m off to mush up any chocolate I can find in the house and shove it into tomorrow’s little door. She’s got to have something to open tomorrow!

 Thusday Thirteen
Thirteen Things people searched for and found my blog (and links the the posts it took them too!)

1. chihuahua wigs

2. sh*t f*ck tattoo

3. nurses are idiots

4. pee pee on the potty

5. i dont feel good

6. women who claim to be bisexual


8. fun meme

9. toddler strep picture

10. scared of mri

11. scream kayla

12. baby with marker on face

13. baby belly 29 weeks

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Rockabye Baby!

A good friend of mine told me what she was getting my kids for Christmas this year. She said she was buying a CD that had lullaby’s of mine and my husbands favorite songs. I asked her what the name of the CD was and she said Rockabye Baby! So I went to their site and thought I would check it out myself.

I am in love! Not only can you impose your music on your tiny tots little ears, but you can do it in a way that you don’t blow out their eardrums. Your favorite songs are tuned down to a still recognizable melody, but it’s soft and soothing enough that it had my three month-old zonked out in a matter of seconds!

I liked hearing the songs myself. I hope to soon have the whole collection which includes musical renditions of The Cure, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Radiohead, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Tool and The Eagles! Go to their site and check it out, I think this would be the perfect gift for any music lover with a tiny tot!


full size

The girls with Santa

 Today we took the kids to get their pictures taken at JC Penney in the mall and with Santa Claus. I love Christmas, but I hate going to the mall at Christmas time. I think next year we won’t go to JCPenney’s either because we always have such a terrible time. I think we’ll try Sears.

We had an appointment for noon, and after waiting for our appointment for 45 minutes, a couple walked in and said “we don’t have an appointment, but what is the wait time?” They told them only a few minutes and then called them back before us. I had to go to the front counter and let them know that that just wasn’t cool.

Altogether we spent 3 hours in JC Penney’s waiting around for everything (and surprisingly it wasn’t that busy). But they only had one photographer working so only 20 minutes of that 3 hours was taking pictures and picking out what we wanted.

All in all it was a terrific day at the mall! Yay.

Plus Santa rolled his eyes at us.

At least he was nice to the kids, who, you can tell, aren’t too happy to be in his lap.

The worst part of the whole day I would say though, is the fact that our Christmas tree is dead. We watered it, but didn’t get a fresh cut on it before leaving the lot. Our poor poor x-mas tree. I want to get another one so bad! I won’t let this ruin Christmas!

Thirteen Things I love about the Christmas season!

1. The coldness in the air. I love stepping outside and taking a deep breath of cold air. The sensation reminds me of growing up, with winters of snow and all the happiness my childhood brought.

2. The smell of Christmas. The smell of Christmas trees and gingerbread cookies baking, candles and pumpkin pies.

3. Buying and decorating a Christmas tree. I love going out out look for your tree and picking out that perfect one. I get really into decorating it and have to have the mood just right!

4. The excitement of children as time draws nearer for Santa to come. You can just see the excitement on the children’s faces at the mall or on the street. I especially love how excited my daughter gets for Christmas and seeing how much happier she seems the whole month.

5. Hearing Christmas songs. I can’t get enough of them and could probably listen to my favorite Christmas song all day long. What is it you ask? Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney. I guess I heard it so many times growing up it just warms me up inside to this very day. The video is a little hokey but I still love the song!

6. Gingerbread cookies. They are so tasty and smell so good. I love the smell of gingerbread candles as well.

7. Eggnog. Best with brandy, but I enjoy it straight to. I would love to be drinking a cup right now cuddled up next to my hubby watching the Christmas tree (but he’s at work!).

8.  The time you get off work. I can’t wait for hubby to get his time off. He gets about 16 days off since he works on a college campus. I’m looking forward to spending time with him and the kids getting more time with daddy!!

9. Being with family. Who doesn’t love this? Christmas, or not?

10. Buying gifts and seeing the look on peoples faces when they open them. You know the saying; it is better to give than to receive? I love giving. It makes me feel a whole lot better than receiving.

11. Snow. I miss it. I remember waking up in the mornings and looking out the window to see a fresh blanket across everything in our yard. I remember sticking out my tongue towards the sky to catch a snowflake. I want my kids to experience that. I want them to be as happy as I was to throw snowballs at my brother and build igloo’s in the snow.

12. Sitting by the fire cuddling with loved ones. I miss this too since I don’t have fireplace. Just content in that moment and warm by the fire. (It’s the same 70 degrees here in San Diego, all the time. So boring. Very lame. Great if you like the beach though! Me = opposite of beach person.)

13. The joy of the season. Everyone is so happy and it seems as the everyone has a smile on their face! I love that!

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While decorating the Christmas tree Ava decided she was hungry and wanted to be fed. I brought her close to me and began nursing while hubby continued adding ornaments.

Me: I heard that skin-to-skin contact is really good for young babies. It sends some sort of message to their brain, like endorphins or something.

I said tripping over my words, not able to remember where I was going with that…

Hubby: Like e-mails, brain e-mails.

Me: Sure. Like brain e-mails…


On a side note, what did I do in life to deserve the elf name “Freckles Blinking Bum?”

Your Elf Name Is…

Freckles Blinking Bum

What’s Your Elf Name?

Yay! She did it! She went pee pee on the potty! Wow, I didn’t know I would ever be this excited about it! Haha. We have been trying for months now and since she was nearing three I was worried because all the kids her age were completely trained already and she had yet to even go on it a all. I thought she would never be trained at the rate we were going and due to the learning delays, but she is so smart! Now we just have to get her to do it every time on the potty.

Wish me luck!

Today I did a photo shoot with Synthetic Sin. I got some pretty nice shots and she is an excellent model to work with. We spent most of the time laughing and I was worried that most of them wouldn’t come out because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold the camera still, but they turned out nice. I got about 73 usable shots but here are my favorites.


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