The girls with Santa

 Today we took the kids to get their pictures taken at JC Penney in the mall and with Santa Claus. I love Christmas, but I hate going to the mall at Christmas time. I think next year we won’t go to JCPenney’s either because we always have such a terrible time. I think we’ll try Sears.

We had an appointment for noon, and after waiting for our appointment for 45 minutes, a couple walked in and said “we don’t have an appointment, but what is the wait time?” They told them only a few minutes and then called them back before us. I had to go to the front counter and let them know that that just wasn’t cool.

Altogether we spent 3 hours in JC Penney’s waiting around for everything (and surprisingly it wasn’t that busy). But they only had one photographer working so only 20 minutes of that 3 hours was taking pictures and picking out what we wanted.

All in all it was a terrific day at the mall! Yay.

Plus Santa rolled his eyes at us.

At least he was nice to the kids, who, you can tell, aren’t too happy to be in his lap.

The worst part of the whole day I would say though, is the fact that our Christmas tree is dead. We watered it, but didn’t get a fresh cut on it before leaving the lot. Our poor poor x-mas tree. I want to get another one so bad! I won’t let this ruin Christmas!