So my mother got my kids one of those Christmas countdown calendars this year, (you know the ones that you open one each day and get a piece of chocolate until Christmas day) I have been letting her open one door every day this month and she loves it.

   Earlier today I left my husband alone to watch the kids while I ran to the store with my sister for groceries. I had the calendar up high where my daughter could not reach it so that she wouldn’t get a hold of it and eat every day that was left. I noticed a little while ago that the calendar wasn’t where I left it. I was worried and went to look and see if any days were missing. I was relieved to find that only tomorrow’s chocolate had been consumed prematurely, but after I thought about it I began to realize that this didn’t seem to be the work of a toddler.


A toddler wouldn’t have known which one was the 15th to eat it and probably would not have eaten just one.

This leads me to one conclusion; an adult is behind this.

Now, why on earth would my husband decide to eat one of her countdown chocolates? I’m pretty sure that is as close as you get to child abuse (LOL)! What is she going to do tomorrow when there is no countdown chocolate because Daddy ate it?!

After a minute or to I started to realize that this sounded an awful lot like the movie Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton who actually (slightly, very slightly) reminds me of an older version of my husband.

…I’m off to mush up any chocolate I can find in the house and shove it into tomorrow’s little door. She’s got to have something to open tomorrow!