I missed the last TT at the begining of January due to a serious lack of internet. So I am making up for it now with my TT # 6-Thirteen Things that have happened since the ball dropped!


Thirteen Things that have happened since the ball dropped!

1. Went to Disneyland with the whole family!

2. Found out I’m probably a diabetic! Yay! Fun! (Fasting blood sugar 176…not so good)

3. I had my first “tea party” with my 2½ year old.

4. Got rained on. Heavily.

5. Spent two days freaked out of my mind when a mysterious lump appeared on my husbands testicle and we had to wait to find out if it was cancer. (It’s not! ; D)

6. Decided to start a diet/way of life that will be much better for me.

7. I enrolled my first born in speech and occupational therapy.

8. I slept in a couple times.

9. I took a bath with both my babies.

10. I gave my youngest rice cereal for the first time!

11. I stopped biting my nails!

12. I scheduled 5 doctors appointments in the first 3 weeks of the year.

13. I lost 6 pounds! (Probably the effects of uncontrolled diabetes, so not sure if this counts as good or bad!)

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