Last night we took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. Kayla LOVES CEC…but what kid doesn’t? C’mon, they’ve got games, tickets, rides, and pizza! Who could ask for more? I’ve even got to admit, I have fun as well.  She is starting to get to the age where things get really cute; she waves and yells “hi cheeeeese!” at the sign when we pull up, she thinks it’s fun to get a stamp on her hand at the front door (the kid check–I don’t remember having that when I was a kid, they stamp your and your kids hands and no one can leave without showing the matching stamps? Is that only because I live in California or is that everywhere?) and she doesn’t need to hold Mommy and Daddy’s hand while she rides the rides. Come to think of it, this isn’t really cute. This is very grown up and un-cute. I want hand holding! I want my little baby back!  

We had a good time, we had pizza and salad and Kayla turned in her tickets for a troll doll and a necklace. The one we went to has this blue screen that they can dance in front of that is really cool. That was pretty much Kayla’s favorite part. 

 I only had one complaint, and I seem to be having this one a lot lately; people staring at me while I’m trying to breastfeed the baby. What is up with that anyway? I always cover with a blanket, too! It’s as though they can just sense someone in the room is breastfeeding and turn away from whatever they were previously doing to stare. At first, I thought this was all in my head. I tried to ignore it but now it’s just to plain obvious that people are STARING! It’s not a peep show! I think the worst is the men. I notice it more with the some of the Hispanic guys around here (I’m not sure why, maybe they just have a more open culture?) but they seem to just stare. I will never forget the day once I was breastfeeding my first baby and a guy who was staring at me nodded his head and winked at me! Can you believe that? So, I have to get this off my chest real quick…Men, it is not okay to hit on a woman while she is breastfeeding! It really creeps us out! There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding and again, you can’t even imagine the CREEPY factor! So do me a favor. When a woman is feeding her baby, don’t stare incessantly at her, eyeing us like you are using “the force” to make the blanket fall down for a second to get a quick peep!    I put in a little video from the trip. No, it is not of me breastfeeding (Hahaha), but I hope you guys still like it. ;D  


Avalynn is growing so fast! To me it seems like she is some kind of genius because of how early she is doing everything, but then I realize the only thing I have to compare it to was my obviously developmentally delayed other daughter, whom at the time I thought was right on time for everything and now I see how much she really wasn’t on a lot of things. But I’m pretty sure Ava will be full-on crawling by six months. My hubby didn’t believe me until he caught it on camera himself. She just turned five months old and she is pretty close to doing it. Kayla did this right before she started to crawl only it was quite a few months later. I’m so proud of both my girls! If you want to watch Kayla crawling when she was a baby it’s on my Dear Kayla page (You should watch it). As for Ava, here she is in all her glory!