Kayla has had a lot of problems with her speech since she (finally) started talking, for that reason we decided not to push the teaching of any Spanish phrases. We decide to hold off on that until she had started getting the English language down to avoid any confusion.

Today we were visiting grandma at her new house and I gave Kayla a cookie from the cookie jar.

Kayla: Gracias, mama!

Me: Uhhh, your welcome, Kaymay….

I was a little shocked by that, but we do live in southern California so I just chalked it up to her having heard it somewhere.

Later on Kayla brought me a picture she had drawn with her Auntie Nini.

Me: Oh, Kayla, it’s so beautiful! Thank you very much!

Kayla: De nada (pronouncing it Ne dahdah), mama.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later it came to me…

Someone’s been watching quite a bit of Dora the Explorer.

So, I just want to say, Gracias Dora…