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  • “Shannymar”-Me, a little bit indecisive, a tad insecure, a huge hypochondriac and a major dork. I’m a stay at home mom taking care of my two little girls. My life mostly consists of trying to keep up with my kids, changing them, feeding them, taking them to doctors appointments, and losing my mind. I love photography and graphic design. Photoshop is my homeboy.



  • “Ladybug”-My two year old, Kayla, that has more energy than most. She is a total ‘dork’ just like her mom and enjoys doing anything to make people laugh. She is my life and my miracle baby. She survived two strokes at birth that caused some pretty severe brain damage.  Her prognosis shortly after her birth was that she was likely to have severe cerebral palsy and profound mental retardation.  Despite all odds we were given a miracle that leads a fairly close to normal life. In August of 2007 she was diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy and ever since she has been on medication and has been doing so much better with her language (she still needs speech and occupational therapy) and most of her seizures are under control. At worst she was having them 5-6 times an hour which prohibited her from learning. Now she is only having about one a week and we are hopeful that it will keep getting better with time. If you want to read Kayla’s full story click here.

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  • “The Hubbs”-Zech, my hubby is my soul-mate. I have known him since we were kids and have loved him for most of my life. We have been married for over 3 years now (and for all of you that can do math, I was preggo on my wedding day!) and everyday with him gets better and better. He is an incredibly great father, loves kids and wants more, and does a great job pampering his princesses. He is the artistic intelligent type with a very dark sense of humor.



  • “Ava”-Avalynn, my youngest girl that was born on August 23, 2007. My little angel that loves her mommy so much! (But not quite as much as her mommy loves her!) She has a wonderfully cute personality, looks an awful lot like her sister and never stops eating.

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