Thirteen Things I love about the Christmas season!

1. The coldness in the air. I love stepping outside and taking a deep breath of cold air. The sensation reminds me of growing up, with winters of snow and all the happiness my childhood brought.

2. The smell of Christmas. The smell of Christmas trees and gingerbread cookies baking, candles and pumpkin pies.

3. Buying and decorating a Christmas tree. I love going out out look for your tree and picking out that perfect one. I get really into decorating it and have to have the mood just right!

4. The excitement of children as time draws nearer for Santa to come. You can just see the excitement on the children’s faces at the mall or on the street. I especially love how excited my daughter gets for Christmas and seeing how much happier she seems the whole month.

5. Hearing Christmas songs. I can’t get enough of them and could probably listen to my favorite Christmas song all day long. What is it you ask? Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney. I guess I heard it so many times growing up it just warms me up inside to this very day. The video is a little hokey but I still love the song!

6. Gingerbread cookies. They are so tasty and smell so good. I love the smell of gingerbread candles as well.

7. Eggnog. Best with brandy, but I enjoy it straight to. I would love to be drinking a cup right now cuddled up next to my hubby watching the Christmas tree (but he’s at work!).

8.  The time you get off work. I can’t wait for hubby to get his time off. He gets about 16 days off since he works on a college campus. I’m looking forward to spending time with him and the kids getting more time with daddy!!

9. Being with family. Who doesn’t love this? Christmas, or not?

10. Buying gifts and seeing the look on peoples faces when they open them. You know the saying; it is better to give than to receive? I love giving. It makes me feel a whole lot better than receiving.

11. Snow. I miss it. I remember waking up in the mornings and looking out the window to see a fresh blanket across everything in our yard. I remember sticking out my tongue towards the sky to catch a snowflake. I want my kids to experience that. I want them to be as happy as I was to throw snowballs at my brother and build igloo’s in the snow.

12. Sitting by the fire cuddling with loved ones. I miss this too since I don’t have fireplace. Just content in that moment and warm by the fire. (It’s the same 70 degrees here in San Diego, all the time. So boring. Very lame. Great if you like the beach though! Me = opposite of beach person.)

13. The joy of the season. Everyone is so happy and it seems as the everyone has a smile on their face! I love that!

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